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Indoma Industries Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, was incorporated in 1997 to venture into the manufacturing and marketing of submersible pumps. The very idea behind the conception of the company was to bring revolutionary changes in the industry of water management equipments. Since then, there is no looking back and the company is vigorously moving on the path of becoming the only company which has the expertise of being innovative. Indoma Industries today is reputed manufacturing unit, having in it’s group, two plants, comprising of one unit of 18000Sq, ft. in the state of Uttarakhand and another unit of 10,000sq. Ft. In the state of Uttar Pradesh, just adjoing New Delhi, the Capital of India. The Company boasts also of a nationwide network of distributors and dealers taking its products to each and every corner of India. The Company today is known for its innovation and Quality which remains unmatched since inception.

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We might be the most advanced in using technology and innovating, but in the means of doing business and values, we are still traditional and proud of it. We are an organization that takes pride in putting values and ethics before commercials and continue to set high standards of transparency and business ethics.


We at Indoma have the pleasure in providing a range of innovative products, which are accepted as best in quality.
At Indoma, we give a lot of importance to ethics and moral values. These reflect in our business practices. It is our aim to provide the most innovative products at best possible rates. The quality of our products is second to none and speaks of itself. It is important to gain the confidence of the consumer by providing top quality products.
We started this venture with the introduction of Littelpump, a technological marvel which has literally revolutionized the desert cooler industry. With the numerous advantages that this product had to offer, it’s popularity and massive reach is well understood.


We at Indoma – create. We technically improve electrical products and innovate new products that make life easy for the common man. Whether it be the our revolutionary Littelpump for desert coolers that has made the vertical pump totally obsolete, or it be the world’s first shockproof immersion Rod that has made heating water safer for the masses, each product has a story to tell. Our Mini coolers have been a boon for Indian consumer, being the first cooler that was truly portable, could be carried from place to place, could run on inverters and provides exemplary cooling. We continue to innovate and improve products.


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